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 Curative New Berlin Therapies to Open on Monday, June 1.  Our Adult Day programs and Senior Center continue to be temporarily closed until further notice as a result of the COVID-19 situation.

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Stories of Impact

For 100 years, Curative has been a leading provider of services for individuals with disabilities or limiting conditions. We give people of all abilities the opportunity to thrive.


Chester, who has Alzheimer's disease and is legally blind, remains active and social at Curative's Senior Center.

Chester's Story


“There was a time when I didn’t know if we would be able to sing our ABC’s together or if I’d ever hear him say ‘I love you.’”

Bobby's Story


Patrick, who has cognitive and developmental delays, has been working on Curative’s landscape team for over 25 years.

Patrick's Story


Cassandra was born not breathing for 10 minutes, had seizures and spent the first 23 days of her life in the (NICU).

Cassandra's Story


Sevie has come out of her shell and is more confident because of the socialization she gets with Curative's Adult Day Services. 

Sevie's Story


Ten-year-old Nigel is an amazing young man. Diagnosed with autism, he has a passion for the Brewers, Godzilla and life.

Nigel's Story


 Vivian has a sweet giggle that will melt your heart. She came into this world at 33 weeks, weighing just three pounds.

Vivian's Story


“While other parents were looking for different universities ... we were looking for day programs ...”

Natalie's Video


“The therapists were amazing. They took my broken momma heart and mended it with all of their hope.”

Molly's Story


“He loves it. ... He's doing a lot of the things that a young man should be doing. .... I don't worry about him at all.”

David's Video


“She just loves being with people. We don’t have to worry about her ... because we know she is in a very caring and loving place.”

Cecelia's Story


“She has made such progress in this program, and our entire family is so grateful to their amazing staff."

Stephanie's Story


“He rode a bike by himself for the first time and I remember him coming home saying ‘this is the best day of my life.’”

Jason's Story


“We are so grateful to Yajaira and to Curative for helping improve the quality of life for our entire family.”

Mia's Story


“Every therapist here is the best of the best and they know and they love and they care about our children.”

Olivia's Video


"My biggest concern was pain and mobility.  I can’t tell you how much better it is after going through the therapy." 

Pip's Video


"New Berlin Therapies did wonders for my child - from not moving at all to progressing and having function."

Jermaine's Video


“Without Curative, my mom would not have been able to care for my grandmother at home. ... She's a happy lady.”

Rosemary's Video

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