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Since 1919, Curative Care has been a leading provider of services for individuals with disabilities or limiting conditions. We give people of all abilities the opportunity to thrive.

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Natalie, who started with Curative's Birth to Three Program, now continues to thrive with the help of the Club Curative program for young adults with special needs. “While other parents were out there looking for different universities and colleges ... we were looking for day programs that we hoped that Natalie would enjoy.”

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David has Down syndrome, but that has never slowed him down, especially on days he attends Curative's Adult Day Services program. “He loves it. He has actually gotten out of the car sometimes and just run in here. ... He's doing a lot of the things that a young man should be doing. ... I don't worry.”

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Gabby was born prematurely at just 32 weeks and spent the next 79 days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Throughout her first six months of life, she underwent three heart surgeries, one of which led to complications requiring her foot to be partially amputated. “Just amazing. All the big things we didn’t think Gabby would do, like walk or talk – Curative Care helped her get there.”

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Born with a rare disorder, Olivia faces cognitive and physical delays. She strives to reach developmental milestones with the help of Curative New Berlin Therapies.“Everyone here is so kind, so loving and encouraging. Every therapist here is the best of the best and they know and they love and they care about our children.”

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Born with limited muscle function in his arms, Jermaine is now an energetic little boy. "New Berlin Therapies did wonders for my child—from not moving at all to progressing and having function. It’s just amazing."

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Two-year-old Elijah (Eli) had a stroke at birth and seizures soon followed. His parents were told that he may never walk or talk and may be blind. “Our pediatrician said that this is the first place he recommends for people who need a little extra love.”

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Melissa has big dreams, and Curative Care's Adult Day Services has helped her to make many of them come true. “Curative has helped me with my money skills and independence. I now ride the bus by myself.”

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After multiple surgeries, Pip thrives with the help of Curative New Berlin Therapies. She has been a client on and off for eight years. "My biggest concern was pain and mobility.  I can’t tell you how much better it is after going through the therapy." 

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After having a stroke, Rosemary's daughter and granddaughter feared they would not be able to care for her at home. “Without Curative, my mom would not have been able to care for my grandmother at home; my grandmother would be in a nursing home.”

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Barbara, a regular at Curative's Senior Center, enjoys socializing, doing yoga, going into the community and expressing her passion for painting. “There’s not a second in the day that I have to worry about her when she’s here. We know this is the best place for our mom.”

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