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15 Signs of Vestibular System Dysfunction and How to Treat It

 The vestibular system is, in a word - complicated - and it can be difficult to detect dysfunction and disorder.

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National Alzheimer's Disease Month

At Curative Care’s Senior Center, we specialize in helping seniors with memory loss. 

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Sensory Processing

It is important that all of our sensory systems work together and our brain understands the information received, otherwise, a poor response may result. 

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Art Therapy

The freedoms of the creative process allow our clients to imagine, to play, to make choices, to try out ideas, to use their hands, to interact with peers, to learn skills that transfer to other areas of life and to build confidence in this setting that is accepting and non-judgmental. 

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Employing Those with Disabilities

Here are six great reasons to hire someone with a disability. 

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How Do You Know if Your Child Is in Need of a Speech Therapist?

All children progress at different stages, so it’s easy for parents to overlook some of the signs and signals that their child is having issues with their speech. Communication delays and disorders are very common in the United States, and early intervention is key to better outcomes.  

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 Special Needs Estate Planning

Parents of a child with special needs (developmental disabilities, mental illness, autism, severe physical handicaps) must use extra care in their estate planning. 

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