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Greeting each day with a smile is how Lisa has been showing up at Curative’s Adult Day Services for the last 10 years. In addition to the routine of seeing her friends, Lisa has had the opportunity to learn many skills, like how to do math and how to read. She is even learning how to count money. Lisa also participates in Consumer Council at Curative, where participants share their work experiences so others can learn from them. While topics vary each time they meet, there is always something Lisa gets out of it – and something for her to contribute. “We talk about what people do at their jobs and it helps others learn what kind of job they may want to do,” describes Lisa.

“Lisa’s got such a great personality, just fun to be around. I’ve seen her change in the time she’s been here with the level of confidence she has in herself,” says Rachel, Program Coordinator at Curative Forest Home.

Over the years, Lisa has also learned many life skills at Curative. She has been responsible for cleaning the kitchen, from wiping down the refrigerator and stove, to cleaning countertops and windows. It has prepared her for her current job at Pick n’ Save where she can be counted on to step in where needed. “I bring in the carts. I do bagging,” adds Lisa. “I help out wherever they need me.” Curative also helped Lisa prepare for getting her job at Pick n’ Save by teaching her how to fill out an application, and by doing role playing on the phone with her to prepare for job interviews.

When asked how she likes her job, Lisa responds with an enthusiastic, “I love my job and they just love me there.” So, where does Lisa’s contagious smile come from? Perhaps it stems from feeling valued and waking each day knowing you have something to contribute.


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