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Patrick has been working in Curative’s Commercial Services area for over 25 years. He is a trusted member of the landscaping crew, which is comprised of 75 percent workers with disabilities and 25 percent workers without disabilities. Patrick has cognitive and developmental delays. He is proud of his independence and the fact that the Curative crew relies on him to help them tackle the big landscaping jobs.

“I like working here a lot and I know I do a really good job.”

Patrick’s supervisor, Alex, said he has made a lot of progress along the way. “When he first started, he could only provide basic landscape services like picking up garbage and limited push mowing,” shared Alex. “Now he operates several pieces of equipment and is a dedicated member of the team.”

Alex has been a resourceful and patient mentor to Patrick for many years, teaching him landscaping and soft employment skills like showing up on time and being part of a team that has to meet goals
and job expectations.

“My brother takes me to work and I ride the bus home all by myself,” shared Patrick. “Some days if I get crabby, Alex and I have to have a talk and he helps me figure things out.”

Alex shared that Patrick is well known amongst the landscaping crew for making jokes and “messing” with people. “He’s always jovial and makes us laugh with his funny stories and sayings,” shared Alex. “You never know what’s going to come out of his mouth.”

Patrick likes watching TV shows from the ‘70s and is known to impersonate many of the characters from that era. Sanford and Son is one of his favorites. “I’m having the big one,” demonstrates Patrick as he grabs his chest and drops to his knees. Alex said the whole crew is entertained by Patrick and his theatrics. “Sometimes he references the show and calls our supervisor, Travis, ‘Big dummy.’”

Patrick is a real movie buff, and owns over 1,500 DVDs. Sometimes he shares his collection with his co-workers at Curative. “He’s like our very own movie rental place,” said Alex.

Patrick leads a very full life. He loves to go on vacation and is planning to take a trip to see his sister who lives near Seattle and his other relatives who live in California. “I like to go and watch my nephews play soccer,” shared Patrick.

During the “off season,” when Patrick is not raking lawns or trimming hedges, he works at O’Sullivan’s in Brookfield.

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