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Severa (Sevie) is part of a very large extended family that absolutely cherishes her. She was born with cognitive and developmental delays and now lives with her sister, Felipa, and her family.

Growing up, Felipa had questions as to why Sevie was “different” from her other siblings. She recalls her sister attending special education classes while in school and also remembers that she was taught some sign language.

“As Sevie got older, somebody introduced my mother to a day services program in the community that seemed to be a good fit for her,” shared Felipa. “Now anybody who knows her knows how much of a big difference Curative has made in Sevie’s life.”

Although Sevie is not able to talk, she has a lot to say and certainly knows how to express herself. “Sevie’s body language and facial expressions are unique, one of a kind and most definitely priceless,” shared Felipa. “This allows us to know how much Curative has helped her thrive and be inspired as she gladly looks forward to each day she spends there.”

Sevie enjoys going on community outings with Curative, and she loves spending time with her best friend, Kisha, another client in Curative’s adult day program. Felipa shared that Curative gives Sevie a sense of her own independence, and the rest of her family benefits from the peace of mind they get knowing that she is in a safe and supportive environment.

“Being with her friends at Curative helps Sevie be happy and feel free.”

Felipa shared that Sevie has come out of her shell and is much more confident because of the socialization she gets at Curative. The program even helps her feel happier and follow directions at home. “Now a lot of times we do not have to tell her to pick up after herself,” shared Felipa. “We are so glad that Curative was able to ignite such happy feelings for Sevie.”

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