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Making the transition from high school to becoming a young adult can be challenging for just about anyone, but for people with special needs, the journey can be extremely stressful on the entire family. Twenty-six-year-old Stephanie, who has mild autism and cognitive delays, was no exception.

Luckily, Stephanie had the undying support of her parents, Nancy and Joe, and their three other adult children. “We are a very close family and everyone helps out with Stephanie,” shared Nancy. “We all work together to create the best life possible for her.”

Nancy and Joe both worked outside the home during the day, and they struggled to find a place where Stephanie would fit in after high school. “We tried several other adult day programs and felt like we were running out of options,” said Nancy. “Then I said I want to try this Curative program in Menomonee Falls.” She shared that coming to Curative’s Adult Day Services was one of the best decisions that she has ever made for Stephanie. “Casey, the manager, was so fantastic and she treated Stephanie like she was one of her own,” said Nancy. “She gave us several weeks to try Stephanie in one program area and then worked with us to get her into another one that was an even better fit for her.”

Nancy shared that the experience at Curative has been “life-changing” for Stephanie. “She used to be afraid to leave the house and now she gets her jacket on right away in the morning and loves to come to the program to see her friends,” said Nancy. “They are all so willing to go the extra mile and it really has made a difference with my Stephanie.”

Nancy shared that Stephanie has “come out of her shell” and is once again singing, has more confidence and is becoming very outgoing. She shared that there is nothing like the peace of mind, for the entire family, that comes with knowing that Stephanie is in a safe, happy place.

“It’s such a feeling of relief that we found a place where our Stephanie fits in.”

Things are going so well for Stephanie that her parents are considering adding another day at Curative to her schedule. “She has made such progress in this program, and our entire family is so grateful to their amazing staff,” shared Nancy. “Stephanie’s loving life and back to being my happy child again.”

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