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Gabby may have two big brothers to keep up with, but it is the world that is going to have to keep up with her. At just over two years old, Gabby has been through more than most people have to deal with in a lifetime, yet nothing seems to slow her down or limit her potential.

Gabby was born prematurely at just 32 weeks and spent the next 79 days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Throughout her first six months of life, Gabby underwent three heart surgeries, one of which led to complications requiring her foot to be partially amputated. Gabby started receiving physical therapy with Curative Care’s Birth to Three program when she was just five months old. Her therapist, Paola, helped her adjust to tummy time, taught her to sit independently and prepared her for crawling.

Several months later, Gabby underwent another foot surgery, but it didn’t slow her down. She began crawling just four months later. A speech therapist was also added to Gabby’s team to help her with communication and feeding concerns. Just a year after starting with the Curative Birth to Three program, Gabby started to pull herself up on furniture, supported her weight on both legs, and had a handful of words in her vocabulary.

Gabby’s mom Sara, remembers that even after needing to have her foot fully amputated, Gabby’s progress barely skipped a beat. Less than eight weeks after surgery, just prior to her second birthday, Gabby began walking independently with the use of a prosthesis.

“Just amazing. All the big things we didn’t think Gabby would do, like walk or talk – Curative Care helped her get there.”

Since birth, Gabby and her family have been able to depend on Curative Care to help facilitate effective communication between Gabby’s family and her medical team; offer smooth transitions between surgeries and therapy; and provide the comfort and consistency of working with the same, familiar therapists throughout her in-home and outpatient care.

With the continued support of Curative Care, Gabby is currently working on climbing stairs, increasing her strength and balance, and improving her communication skills. It seems the sky is the limit for what this amazing young girl will accomplish.

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