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Sichuan University Medical School Visits Curative New Berlin Therapies

February 10, 2017 | MILWAUKEE, WIS – Curative New Berlin Therapies was pleased to welcome representatives from the 2nd Hospital of Sichuan University Medical School in Chengdu Sichuan, China, during their week-long visit to southeast Wisconsin.

Hosted by Dr. Xue-Cheng Liu, Mr. Wang, a physical therapist, and Dr. Hong visited Curative New Berlin Therapies on February 9 to learn more about the extensive services provided to children with special needs. Curative New Berlin Therapies has long been a provider of choice in the region with experts in all areas of child development and medical therapies.

During their time here, the visitors met with Sandy Modahl, OTR, the Director of Curative Care's Birth to Three Services program to learn more about family-centered care and the ideology of care for young children with disabilities in the United States. Mr. Wang and Dr. Hong were also given a tour of Curative New Berlin Therapies by Director Donna Dugan to see a medically-based outpatient therapy services program in action. 

Dr. Liu frequently returns to China to provide education to healthcare professionals in a variety of areas throughout the region.

Curative New Berlin Therapies has been a thought leader in addressing the needs of children with special needs for many years. One of Curative New Berlin Therapies’ well-known physical therapists, Anne Pleva, PT, DPT, PCS, presented at the HuanXi International Pediatric Rehabilitation Forum at 2nd Hospital of Sichuan University Medical School in Chengdu Sichuan, China in 2015. During Pleva's visit, she discussed the rehabilitation of infants with torticollis and the assessment of children with cerebral palsy. Pleva is also a local college professor.


ABOUT CURATIVE CARE: Curative New Berlin Therapies is a provider of choice that operates as part of Curative Care. Curative New Berlin Therapies specializes in all areas of child development, movement, speech and sensory needs as well as post-concussion therapy.

Founded in 1919, Curative Care offers programs and services to children, adults and senior citizens with disabilities or limiting conditions at several community-based sites in southeast Wisconsin. 


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