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Two-year-old Elijah (Eli) is a very determined little boy. He had a stroke at birth and seizures soon followed. His parents were told that he may never walk or talk and there was also a possibility that he could be blind. Faced with this devastating news, his mom, Caitlin, recalls the comforting words Eli’s pediatrician said to her when he recommended Curative New Berlin Therapies.

“Our pediatrician said that this is the first place he recommends for people who need a little extra love.”

Caitlin shared that Eli’s pediatrician has been practicing for over 40 years and has a personal connection to their family – he also happens to be Eli’s great uncle. It’s been a long road, and Eli has worked very hard in his physical, occupational and speech therapy sessions. He’s been coming to Curative New Berlin Therapies since he was a baby, and these early interventions have helped him to walk with
a walker, start to use words and eat a variety of foods with a spoon.

Eli is very social and energetic. Caitlin shared that the personalized care he received at Curative New Berlin Therapies has helped him to adjust to touch, noise and vision input. All of these early interventions have resulted in Eli being able to happily interact with others and play. “Everyone here is so patient and Eli’s progress has been amazing.”

In addition to the exceptional therapists at Curative New Berlin Therapies, Caitlin found support from other parents. “We have made many friends and Eli takes his music lessons with another little boy we met here.”

Although Eli had a rough start in life, his adventurous spirit, loving family and dedicated team of therapists from Curative New Berlin Therapies have helped him defy the odds and set out on a path to thrive.

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